Who is Katie?

"She is becoming a voice that is necessary for today's political climate" 

Katie currently lives Las Vegas, NV. where she and her husband do their best to provide for their community and family.

Katie was born in Salt Lake City, UT in 1990 and moved to Illinois in 2003. In 2007 she joined the US Army where she served for 12 years. She deployed to Afghanistan in 2008-2009 OEF VIII, and was stationed in Camp Phoenix, Kabul, and Camp Eggers, Kabul. 

Recently, Katie has made waves in the media after she was thrown out of competing as Ms. Nevada State in the Ms. America Pageant. Though we can't say for sure what the motive of the Pageant was, it seemed to be a clear political bias based from Katie's beliefs as a Conservative. 


Even though Katie did not get to compete in the National Ms America Pageant, she is now on a mission to speak up for our 1st Amendment rights that are slowly being infringed on. 


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"Stand up for your beliefs, no one will do it for you, it's time to take back our country from the intolerant opposition"

                        ~Katie Williams


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