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Statement of Katie Williams on the District B Primary Election

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—I am proud to announce that we’ve received the most votes of any candidate for Clark County School Board District B. All of the candidates added a valuable voice to our race and brought a diverse range of values and ideas to the table. I look forward to continuing to work with those who are no longer in this race to ensure their voice is not lost after this election. Most of us have the same goal – to improve education for our children. Together we will change theClark County School District for the better.

This election is a clear signal that the voters of District B are tired of the status quo that they have seen from their elected representation over the last decade. Our people-powered campaign is a ray of hope for the citizens of District B, and a clear sign to the students, teachers, and parents that help is on the way.

Some in this race chose to make this a conversation about hashtags and social media posts. While they played their games online, I chose to lean into texting and calling​ the voters of District B to understand the problems we face. As they resorted to name calling, I chose to focus on the issues, and that is what I will continue to do.

My promises remain:

  • I will not take a paycheck for representing District B—instead, my salary will be re-routed to help the schools within the area I represent.

  • I will always have an open door for the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members who wish to discuss where they would like to see our schools go.

  • I will continue to stand for school choice, and to work to ensure the quality of an education in our poorest zip code is equal to that of our highest income areas.

Our values are on the line in 2020. From day one, I have stood by my beliefs. Moving on to November, I will continue to fight for the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and voters of District B. I will always do my best to represent the interests of one of the most diverse districts in Clark County, and to ensure we provide the highest quality of education, whether that be in North Las Vegas or Moapa Valley.

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