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Trustee Katie Williams Takes Action to Stand with Ukraine

Calls on Board to take concrete action in support of our Ukrainian Allies


February 27, 2022

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Today, Clark County School District Board of Trustees Member Katie Williams (District B) released the following statement regarding her call for action in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

“Russia’s violent invasion of another free country must be met with a response from the world, a response from all governments at all levels, from the school board to Capitol Hill. In response to this violent and unwarranted incursion, today I called upon Board President Irene Cepeda and my fellow Board Members to directly support our allies in Ukraine by:

  1. Directing the Superintendent to immediately review all contracts to determine what, if any, Clark County School District funds are spent on goods or services from primarily Russian companies, and to immediately end these contracts and services.

  2. Directing the Superintendent to display, as available, the flag of Ukraine on all district properties below that of the United States and in accordance with flag code.

These actions, while small relative to those that others in power can take, are warranted immediately to show our solidarity with our Allies in Ukraine and the free people of the world. In times of crisis like these, it is left to us, the elected representatives of our respective districts, to stand up and speak out. Slava Ukraini.”

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